Trentagh Presbyterian Church in Ireland

Co. Donegal

Prayer Points

Prayer Points

Sunday, 23rd September. Praise the Lord, O my soul; all that is within me, praise His name.

Praise and thank God for material and spiritual blessings; also for answered prayer. Know that our Heavenly Father cares for us with an everlasting, gracious love and wants to be involved in every phase of our lives.


Monday, 24th September. Pray for all who participate in the P.W. Rally this evening; in particular for those who lead the worship and Guest Speakers, Rev. John & Mrs. Sandra Woodside.


Tuesday, 25th September. Children are a gift from God. Just as parents derive enjoyment from their little ones, our Heavenly Father delights in His children. Just as they have hopes and aspirations for their offspring, God has plans for each life. Commit our children to the Lord in prayer and ask Him to strengthen you as you take responsibility for their nurture and guidance.


Wednesday, 26th September. As congregations in Trinity and Trentagh, pray that we might grow in love, faith and acts of service and be emboldened to reach out to others with the Good News of the Gospel in love and truth.


Thursday, 27th September. Pray for the spiritual needs of all in our locality: - that people would turn to God in these challenging times; that they would have a hunger for His Word, and that they would trust Him for their salvation.

Friday, 28th September. Pray for wisdom and courage for our government as they give consideration between now and 5th Dec. to the difficult budgetary choices they have to make. May they know God’s leading as they endeavour to promote and maintain the wellbeing of the vulnerable and weak in society.


Saturday, 29th September. There are only volunteers in heaven. Jesus is calling to-day. Come to Him. Confess your sins now. Put your trust in His finished work on the Cross, where He shed His blood to redeem you. Through His death, He opened the way to heaven. There are only volunteers in hell